Friday, April 17, 2015

Surface Modeling of Toy Wagon

Project : Surface modeling of Toy wagon from concept sketch

Scope : The scope involved using the Hand sketches and iges data to develop a 3D model of the Toy Wagon. Surfacing option of Solid works-2008 was extensively utilized to complete the model

Inputs: Iges data of similar products and Concept sketches.

Out put: 3D models, & Manufacturing drawings -Solid works

The Challenge : Complexity of surfaces involved in the design

Value benefits : Engineering effort :- 50 Hrs for each Model Cycle time for the design reduced by 30%

Friday, February 27, 2015

3D Character Animation Services Company

Close to life or large than that, as per objectives of the people or processes, we will create the entity that can best sport your logo to life and be your brand frontman. Whether a little boy from the neighborhood or commando from army, loving monkey from the forest of amazon or serious bear from Alaska, we dream up animated characters as mascot or host for your production. We will add requisite dose of fun and excitement or jazz up characters to make audience smile and stay engaged.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

3D Animation Services

Vee Create brings ideas to life with its stunning 3D Animation services. As education and entertainment are converging and organizations want to keep their resource refreshed and updated, we create, build and deliver slew of 3D animation services. Our 3D animation capability spans all the phases of the animation development process. Our workflow is tailor-made to meet exact client requirements.

Basic production stages:

  1. Storyboarding
  2. 3D set and character designing
  3. Background designing
  4. Colored background
  5. Key animations
  6. 3D object modeling
  7. 3D object animation
  8. Voice recording
  9. Music composing
  10. Audio synchronization
  11. Animation compilation
  12. Final review

we deliver a range of enthralling 3D animation solutions in education, learning and training for a variety of requirements, including the following:

Character Animation
Only strong animated characters can bring life to compelling stories through memorable performances. Vee Create’s aesthetic and technical character animations make heads turn and eyes blink.

Product Design and animation
Our 3D product design and animation delivers comprehensive 3D modeling and rendering solutions. Vee Create brings more life to an engineering product by crafting impeccable artistic form with usability; and makes it as close to reality as exactly as it was envisioned.

Medical Illustrations
Medical animation and illustrations is the most effective way to explain an audience about how things work inside complex human body. VeeCreate delivers photo realistic 3D medical, scientific modeling, illustration and animation for educational or marketing mandates.

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