Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Changing the Landscape of Architectural and Engineering Design

Through the use of global resources, the landscape of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry is changing. The industry is suffering from a lack of young engineers, qualified engineers, and specific engineering skills required to support industry design volume. On top of this pressure, the industry is faced with high labor costs and shrinking project timelines. And let's not forget the fierce competition amongst AEC companies trying to capture new business.

Vee Create is changing the landscape using global resources, innovation technologies, and advanced communication tools. We leverage our vast network of Indian engineering resources to support clients around the world. At Vee Create, we build offshore design centers to meet our clients' exacting needs. We integrate these centers into our clients' project design teams to deliver unlimited engineering capacity, reduce engineering labor costs, and improve project schedules. Our use of cloud technology for collaboration and real-time processing of design files enables round-the-clock requirements coordination and project momentum.

Let Vee Create help you deliver larger projects quicker, at lower cost, with an offshore design center to extend your AEC strengths.

Byron James
Senior Director-Engineering Services

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