Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tool Design Services

Creating more value to progress faster

VeeCreate team of specialists comprises seasoned experts in Tool Design Services. Our tool design experts come from different industrial backgrounds where they have already delivered projects for numerous clients in die-casting, injection moulds, jigs and fixtures.

Today, VeeCreate has integrated all these expertise under one umbrella, providing uncompromising quality in following Tool Design services:

  1. Design of Die-casting tools
  2. Tool design for sheet metal industry, including designs for draw, trim, cam-trim-pierce, re-strike, and flanging dies for auto panels
  3. Jigs and fixtures optimized with industry standards
  4. Plastic Mold designing with desired detailing
  5. Flow analysis for plastic mold

VeeCreate's capabilities in jigs and fixtures are focused on industry standard designs so that clients' engineers and technicians enjoy maximum flexibility during production. We manufacture international, as well national standardized jigs and fixtures, our expert engineers take care of custom design requirements equally well.

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