Friday, January 16, 2015

E-learning Services

Vee Create is a technology-based, results-focused premier eLearning services company. At Vee Create, our mission is to support Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Consumer Product and Industrial Product companies by making their e-learning and access to learning a better experience. What with the experienced and talented e-learning team, we bring about organizational change and transformation through innovative programs of learning and communications. Be it Web Based Tutorial (WBT) or Computer Based Tutorial (CBT), we aim to infuse fresh thinking to deliver bespoke e-learning solutions for training and competency development.

Take a look at how our high impact eLearning solutions are facilitating actual change and providing real learner engagements in the following sectors.

Aerospace and Defense
With the increasing complexity and rapidly changing global marketplace, it has become imperative for aerospace and defense industry to acquire speed, agility and precision. On the wake of government austerity measures, increased security mandates, evolving technology and military transformations, Vee Create enables aerospace and defense companies with innovative, capability based, best-in-class eLearning solutions.

In an era of multidimensional disruption, automotive companies are racing to develop new sustainable business models for more informed, empowered and sophisticated consumers. They are increasingly rating workplace and dealership learning capabilities higher than other capability matrix. Be it re-skilling or knowledge transfer to multi layered workforce, developing basic and advanced skills across the employee base or inducting new value propositions to dealerships, Vee Create works closely with automotive clients to deliver eLearning solutions for every learning need of the industry.

Heavy Engineering
They move the ground; they produce materials that are energy efficient and intelligent. However, to sustain their high performance capabilities, heavy engineering companies have to overcome modern economic challenges like financial crisis, socio-political issues, sluggish demand, regulatory mandates, rising input cost and mounting inventories. Innovative and energy efficient solutions need quality young employees who are more difficult to attract and retain than generation of experienced workers who are on the verge of retirement. Vee Create eLearning solutions address challenges companies are facing in today’s age and offers advanced learning solutions to address specific corporate challenges and initiatives.

Industrial Products
In modern marketplace, complexity in global manufacturing (industrial products) is inevitable. Innovation, agility and supply chain collaboration can swiftly and intuitively help them demystify complexity; respond to market conditions and demands. Vee Create draws on its experience of working with premier industrial product companies to help develop successful training solutions around processes, safety and compliance.

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