Friday, December 5, 2014

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and Simulation

Vee Create in keeping with its commitment to offer flexible, scalable and comprehensive Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) services is consistently focused on generating measurable business benefits for its clients. We help clients reduce costs and accelerate time-to-marketby extending our robust capabilities to business users in the form of Computer Aided Engineering (FEA, hand calculations and simulation services), analysis and CAE simulation services.

Vee Create's CAE services go beyond traditional methodologies to maximize the design engineering process of systems, sub-systems and their integration.
  • Meshing and model building
  • Durability and Fatigue analysis
  • Justification with hand calculations
  • Large deformation analysis
  • Material Substitution studies : Metals and composites
  • Advanced Concept studies
  • Weight / cost reduction and design optimization


  • System, Subsystem and Component analysis
  • Static Stiffness
  • Stress Analysis
  • Inertia Relief Technique
  • Non-linear analysis
  • Quasi-static analysis
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